Hello World, it’s time to update/implement some new Website Design elements and Features! I’ve let the new site “bake-in” so to speak, checking and tweaking any errors or bugs. I’d like to hear what you’d like to see on this new, redesigned website for the K4OKE Amateur Radio Club, please contact webmaster@k4oke.com with your thoughts. Below is a list of ideas I’d like to see, we encourage your input!

  1. Website redesign
    • Our website is configured kind of like a blogging website, where you would write something daily/weekly that people could read. We’d like to change it up by still having a blogging section to be able to quickly update the latest news and events for the club, but not be the main format of the site. But I’m unsure of what to go with exactly.
    • Maybe look something like www.eastcoastreflector.com, with a quick navigation pane on one side to instantly see all the site has to offer.
    • This might be way in the future because I am not website builder, and this may require the help of one in the Ham Radio community, but certainly one of my top priorities.
  2. RSS Feeds
    • This will be a feature that sends you the latest “blog” entries in your email or on your phone as soon as they are published, like when a new listing is in the For Sale page.
  3. K4OKE branding
    • I’m working on the images received by Mark (KF4EA) to update them to a more website-friendly look.
  4. User logins
    • This will allow individuals to have a login to the website using Gravatar to add comments to the blog section, Including the capability of a few individuals to make blog posts themselves. All comments/blog posts would still be approved by admins before publishing to the public.
  5. Donations
    • Websites, even as simple as this one, are not free, there is a bit of overhead, to name a few:
      • The Domain name, The website host, Security Certificates (to keep the site clean and properly authenticated with the rest of the world), Website Security, SEO assistants, WordPress plugins, etc…
    • Now, most of the plugins I use on this site do have a free element about them. Currently I use 7 various plugins, one of which I pay a premium for.
    • I feel that setting something like this up should also contain a level of transparency, keeping site security in mind. This will be one of my main talking points at our next in-person meeting for the club.
    • Side note, I’m doing this for free, not expecting any financial compensation in return, with the exception of website expenses.
  6. Your Ideas!
    • We welcome them!
    • We encourage them!

Tell us what you think at webmaster@k4oke.com about the thoughts on the new Website Design and Features listed above. Don’t be shy, I’m eager to hear what you think!